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September 2018 Newsletter

A Semi-Unexpected Trial

As you are probably aware, Cheree has been battling an internal infection for some time now. The first reviews showed positive results from antibiotic treatment, but in a scan today, we discovered that the reduction in infection has slowed considerably, on top of which a hemmorhagic cyst was found. As a result of these findings, after close to two months of antibiotics, the Dr recommended surgery.

Acting on this, we have made plans to send Cheree to Port Moresby tomorrow, Saturday the 1st, where she will seek a second opinion from a Dr recommended to us by some long term Moresby residents, who some of you might know as Pastor Cor, and his wife Greta. This gives me a short window in which to hand over as much as possible to the team on the ground here, as well as get some paperwork in order to try and get our passports out of immigration, as they were recently lodged for visa renewal.

As soon as we hear a second opinion, we will need to make a judgement call, and if surgery is the order of the day, we will be proceeding to Perth, W.A. where we think we will get the best support from our families and friends.No offence, Cairns people – we owe you a debt of gratitude for the love you showered on Cheree and Makenna last time, but I would feel kinda bad about dumping ourselves upon you.

Please, hold the following in your prayers:
Cheree, and healing.
“Bel isi”, or peace, with the idea that this is God’s good will.
The kids, as this throws the family into a bit of a rough and uncertain time.
City Mission, as they run without two managers.

If you would like to help in any way, please reach out to

From Lae,
Dave and Cheree.

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