in Lae City Mission

What is City Mission?


We are going to be working with a group called City Mission PNG, in the city of Lae. Lae, like the larger city of Port Moresby, has a great deal of poverty, a great deal of homelessness, a great deal of crime, a great deal of unemployment, and a great deal of suffering.

Lae City Mission aims to help the people of Lae, by giving them a hand up: the boys coming in off the streets are trained and taught skills which they will be able to use once they leave; skills which enable them to provide for themselves, to be in a better position than when they first came in. All this, and connected with the Gospel!

Dave’s role will be to work alongside the boys, as they become young men – and future elders, deacons, preachers, and teachers – teaching, guiding (and probably learning a whole bunch ourselves).


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