It’s Battle time!

Over the last few months the children in the compound have been busy creating: duct tape armor (pattern books at

It wasn’t a surprise then that Isaac requested a battle themed party for his 7th Birthday.  A Battle birthday is what he got!
Complete with a castle cake, Balance Beam Jousting, Storming the Castle with sponge bombs, and riding horses to Save the Princesses, it was a fun afternoon in the compound!



Family Time


We traveled from Lae (in Morobe Province) to Ukarumpa which is 15 minutes past Kainantu in the Eastern Highlands.

As our General Manager is flying out for a 3 month furlough in the middle of July, we didn’t have a lot of time left to get in a holiday of our own.  We had a quick 4 day break in Ukarumpa last week, which was enjoyed by all.  Distance from Suambu Plantation to Ukarumpa is 203.09 km – the roads were actually pretty good and we managed the trip in around 3 hours and 40 minutes (last year April it took us 5+ hours).

Ukarumpa is an international community that is the main centre for SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics), located in the Eastern Highlands Province of PNG.  The function of Ukarumpa is to serve as an operations base for translators, linguists, literacy specialists, teachers and other professionals, who are mainly volunteer workers with SIL. SIL International is an organization that places a strong emphasis on linguistic research and Bible translation.

We had some much needed family time, and plenty of relaxation, mixed in with meeting new people, getting some dental work done, and shopping at the market for fruits and vegetables that don’t grow in Lae – yummy strawberries for one!
In Kainantu, we even drove past a Kmart 🙂
It it a lot cooler up in the Highlands, especially at night, the days being nice and sunny without the humidity we are used to in Lae. Makenna was able to enjoy her hand-knitted-by-Oma-E yellow cardigan again!

Here are a few photos: