Little Wins

Will hopefully turn into big wins.

Little wins like:

  • Catching close to 8000 litres of rain water in one night, off a brand new catchment
  • Separating the new children’s compound onto its own water supply
  • Hitting minor targets on building progress
  • Coming to an amicable agreement on future conditions with some staff who raised an issue
  • Finalising a driver for Suambu
  • Implementing schedules, guidelines, procedures, and all the stuff that makes for nightmares

Will lead to big wins like:

  • A successful, and smooth, launch of our new children’s facility
  • A happy staff group
  • A cohesive, coordinated front, moving in the right direction

There are still some things we’re waiting on God to provide answers for, through the regular means of men, but we trust His timing (even though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sometimes frustrated to the point of despair), and in the meantime, we celebrate the little wins He allows us.

And tomorrow we begin to celebrate the biggest win in History.

Happy Easter!

I’m Pretty Sure Adoniram Judson…

Who was Adoniram Judson? The short story is that he was a missionary in Burma, whose life story is one of sacrifice and loss for the sake of the salvation of the Burmese people.

But when we invoke his name here, it’s usually a tongue in cheek reminder of just how hard we don’t really have it.

I’m pretty sure Adoniram Judson had air-conditioning.

I’m pretty sure Adoniram Judson had to languish under the burden of of only having a house meri three days of the week.

I’m pretty sure Adoniram Judson would’ve driven a Landrover.